Monday, September 28, 2009

Me, Myself and I.

Although DeLaSoul also deserve some references in this blog, too, this is not going to be about them... I was tagged by the dear and extremely inspirational Photodiarist last week and I had to answer all these questions with,(hopefully) just one word.

Where's your cell phone: Pocket

Your hair: Wavy

Your mother: Unique

Your father: Priceless

Favorite Food: Mediterranean

Dream last night: Crazy

Favorite drink: Cappuccino

What room are you: Mine

Hobby: CarpeDiem

Fear: Boredom

Where were you last night: Home

Something that you aren't: Dull

Muffins: Delious

Wish list item: MarioTestino'scoffeetablebook

Where did you grow up: Porto

What are you wearing: Jeans&t-shirt&old-flowery-vest-from-my-mom&indian-scarf

Your pets: Basset

Friends: Hilarious

Something your'e not wearing: Helmet

Favorite store: Gudule (Paris)

Favorite color: Orange

Last time you laughed: Today

Your best friend: Vasco

Place you go to over and over: School

Person who emails you regularly: Friends

Favorite place to eat: Shis/Touperinho

Aaaaaaaaand, at last but not least I also tag:

Mila from "Loveology" The girl whose name I don't know from "Record the day"/"Lobster&Swan" Noemi from "Bella 185"

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